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Form & Formats used in Front Office Department

  • Reservation Form.
This is the form which is filled by the reservation assistant at the time of the request of the room from the guest. The reservation assistant should inquire all the details mentioned in it. After filling up this form, all the reservation data are entered into the computer where the reservation system is computerized. This form is filled for the future reference. When the guest arrives in the hotel, the reservation of the room is done on the basis of this forms. This forms includes: Name, Address, Nationality, Date of arrival with flight details, Date of departure, Types of room required, Types of plan preferred, Modes of payment etc.
  • Reservation Chart.
Reservation chart is also referred as the advance lettering chart or bed booking chart and used for allocating room in advance. A reservation chart is basic of reservation system. Each page of reservation chart represents a month. The vertical column represents each day of the month while horizontal column represents each room in the hotel. Each block represents room on a particular day of a month. Thus, when a room is reserved, a square formed by the room number and the date for which it will be occupied and crossed through a pencil and the name of the guest is written on the line. Pencil should be used so that in the event of cancellation or alternation of reservation, the name and line can be erased and replace by another. Reservation chart used in a hotel are mainly of two types:
  1. Density Chart: It is used in a large commercial hotel or in the hotel where the guest stay only for one or two nights. When a reservation is recorded in this char, the customer is not allocated a particular room. Each types of room is groped together on the left hand side and days of the month across the top. When a booking is accepted, the number of days, starting with the day of arrival are marked off. This charts indicated the quality of room reserved by the types of room over a period of time. This chart only indicate how many rooms are reserved not the name of the guest or duration of particular booking.
  2. Convectional Chart: It display the availability of each rooms in the hotel by room number. This chart shows all the hotel rooms on the down heft hand side and data of the month across the top. This chart is normally suitable only for small hotels where guest usually stay for a long period of time and which has a wide variety of rooms.
  • Reservation Slip.
Reservation slip is a piece of paper which is filled up by the reservation assistant after he/she finishes the reservation form . It is made in two copies. One is attached with the reservation form and another is kept in Whitney/Reservation rack in an alphabetical order. This paper is filled up in various colors for different purposes. Different colors of reservation slips are used in different purposes.
  1. White color- Individual
  2. Yellow color- Groups
  3. Green color- VIPs
  4. Pink color- Through Travel Agencies
  5. Purple color- Conventions
  • Room Status Board (Forecast Board).
A forecast board is another means of determining the room's availability. It is usually situated on a wall near the reservation desk so that the reservation assistants have quick access to room status information hen they have to check for the room availability.The forecast board normally indicates a period of four months.
  • The Hotel Dairy (Booking Dairy).
Immediately after updating the accommodation availability chart, the reservation clerk must enter all of the booking details into a hotel dairy. However encase of computerized reservation system, this will be done automatically. It helps to control the fraud and misuse of reservation system in the front office department. This dairy is normally checked by front office manager on a daily basis to have a quick view of status of room reservation on a particular day.
  • Reservation Revision Cancellation Form.
This form is filled up when a guest request for the cancellation the revision of the reservation made on the earlier dates. This reservation assistants fills up all the necessary details on this forms. In case of cancellation the reservation rack is updated by removing the reservation slip. The reservation chart is also updated by removing the allocation of the room made by the guest. In case of cancellation and revision of the reservation, new adjustments are made in reservation rack and reservation form.


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