Friday, December 4, 2009

Section of Front Office Department.

  • Reception/Registration Section:
This section is located in the lobby. It also allocate the room and established the rates for different types of guest. The person of the section is called Receptionist. GSA (Guest Service Officer) has direct contact guest. The function of this section are:-
  1. Warmly received all arrival guest.
  2. Complete registration formalities and perform guest check-in.Perform pre-registration formalities for group, VIPs and disable guest.
  3. Co-ordinate closely with house-keeping department for clearance of department room, room change and UR (Under Repaired) rooms.
  4. Issue VIPs amenities voucher to the food and beverage service.
  5. Co-ordinate closely with bell desk for luggage handling and rooms keys.
  • Information.
It is located at a front desk and responsible for handling mail and messages with room keys. It also provide information regarding outside and inside of hotel's rules and regulation, facilities, services. It also handle the e-mail, fax, xerox machine, cable through the business center.
  • Cash.
It is also located at front desk and handle by front cashier. The main function of cashier are as follows:-
  1. The secure payment from the guest arrival.
  2. To change foreign currency as per rules and regulation of the hotel,
  3. To manage safety deposite locker.
  4. To settle guest account while check-out.
  5. To balance cash at the close of shift.
  6. To complete the guest check-out procedure.
  • Reservation.
The term reservation means booking in advance. It is basically blocks/reserve the room as per the request or specifies data. The main functions are as follows:-
  1. Handle all cancellation and revisit as reservation made by the guest from different source and modes.
  2. Keep out reservation corespondence complete and systematic.
  3. Process nd confirm reservation request.
  4. Forecast future room reservation status.
  5. Update room availability chart.
  • Telephone Section.
This section is handle by telephone operator and it is located at the back of the office. Its main function is to handle incoming and outgoing calls. It is also responsible for managing wake up calls as requested by the guest and preparation of telephone bills made by guest and staffs.
  • Lobby.
It is an area which is located at the entrance of a hotel building with sitting arrangement for guest's visitors to meet and wait. It is synonym to the word "Foyer" which means a wide passage or large hall just inside the entrance of a public building. The dimension and design of this area rely upon the size and design of the building. Basically lobby area must be furnished with all the necessary things. Example:- Lobby desk, Bell desk, GRE/GRO, Reception desk, Cash counter, Rest room, Business center, Safety lockers etc
  • Bell Desk.
It is located at either side of lobby needed by bell captain and followed by bell boys. This desk is responsible for handling the guest luggage during arrival and departure. The bell desk section also handle the paying, deliver guest mail and messages to the concern guest room.
  • Business Center.
The person who handle the business center in known as Business Centre attended and the main function of this section is to provide the communication facilities and service like STD, ISD, E-mail, internet, fax, xerox etc.
  • Travel Desk.
This section of front office is responsible for arranging the packages, tickets etc for the guest as per their request.


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  2. You need to write about 2 more sections like Communication & Uniform Service. These sections are also part of Front Office Department.

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