Monday, November 2, 2009


cookingCooking can be define as the process in which comples food are changed into simple or edible food by the application of heat. More over cooking is a "Chemical Process", the mixing of ingredients, decision-making, technical knowledge, the application and withdrawl of heat and manipulation of skills. In more advance stage a further elements occurs that of creativity. Cooking is considered bith as science and are which blend the flavours of food in order to bring physical change and the chemical change.

Food preparation is a modern term in a professional cookery. It devotes preparation and cooking. It follows a flow of pattern which commence with the purchasing and selection of materials, their handling, processing and ultimate presentation of the dish to the customer where "food service" take place. In french the word "Cuision" devotes the art of cooking, preparing dishes and the place kitchen in which they are prepared. All good cooks must be thoroughly familar with the different method of cooking. Whenever we consider about the method of cooking, one should not forget about the various modes of heat transfer with the of which foods are cooked. Basically there are three modes of heat. they are:-
  • Conduction
  • Convention
  • Radiation

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